Hi Customer !


My name is Zoran T. and I will walk you through the process of imprinting . Please, read the whole text so we can do the best possible job for you. We want you to be proud of your packaging. Let's start...

Hot foil stamping for all paper products


1. The first thing that we need from you is your logo. The requirements are:

a) The whole logo must be in one (solid black) color on white background.

b) Minimum resolution must be at least 300 dpi.

c) The logo has to be saved as a jpeg, tiff, or pdf file (flatten, without layers).

d) Send to or

Here is a link where you can check some of the logos that meet specs.

Acceptable logos

You can also check out the logos that don't meet our requirements:

NOT- acceptable logos

In addition you might check the following link for some tips on how to make your logo much better to imprint on our products:

tips for your logo

2. When you send your logo, we make a studio die (metal plate) like this:


3" wide........

2" high


There is one time charge to make that metal plate with your logo. The charge depends of the size of your metal plate. As you can see above that particular metal plate is 3" wide and 2" high which means that the size of metal plate is 6 square inches.


3. What size die should you make ?

Consider the products you are likely to buy from us in the future, not just what you are ordering today. If you will use wallet boxes, your die needs to be quite small. How will that look on a 16x20 box ? Many studios have more then one size die. This is probably your most important decission. Don't hesitate to call us to discuss what is the best for you, 800-962-7710. (Ask for Zoran or Leahana).

4. Once your logo is approved, we send it to the engraving company to make the die (metal plate) . It takes 2-3 business days to get the die back. After that, your order is ready to be imprinted. Orders go in the line based on the date of order. (If you send your logo to me before you place an order it will not speed up your order). it takes around 10 business days before we ship imprinted orders. Depending of the season sometimes it takes less time, sometimes a little bit longer.

5. We use a hot stamping press to imprint your order. We have 6 different imprinting machine in our warehouse.

The imprinting charges may vary depanding of the location of imprint, the size of your logo, and size of press we need to use.

We are able to imprint the products with many colors. It is just matter of changing the foil on the imprinter.




6. After we imprint your order, we file your die and imprint instructions, ready for your next order.




Please, order again, it is to expensive to pay for the die and use it just once.


Silk screen printing on Frame Bags

1. Logo requirements are the same except we need a larger (actual) file size. Maximum is 12" x12". One time set up is $ 35.00. PMS color match is available.

Thank you very much and have a nice day !